be thankful

Hey Evrybdy
We had a great week this week! Nothing too exciting, just the regular missionary stuff. We did a lot of service this week, including moving someone out of a third floor apartment! (In the rain too!) It wasn’t too bad though, but we got soaked! They made up for the brutal physical labor (kidding) with some pizza and drinks. We also woke up super early this week to help with a “thrift store sale thing” but it was more like a garage sale. It was for this shelter that also had a thrift store thing with it. So we were over there at like 6:30 in the morning. We got to wear these cool red aprons that made us look super official. So there’s all these clothes and then in the back there’s a toy section. They put us in different spots to watch over everything while people were shopping, I got put back by the toys (freak yeah).
So we’re all just standing around, mind you that there was a large line of people out front. So we’re just talking and all of a sudden I hear all of these people RUNNING through this small store thing. Within 10 seconds the entire place is crowded with people, just stuffing their bags full of toys and whatever crap was in there. I was sketched out! Too many people for me haha! It wasn’t all that bad after that first part though. After that we went and had breakfast/correlation meeting at our Bishop’s house. Then we headed to a baptism for a young kid in our ward. There were going to be a lot of non members there, so we spoke to the group about missionary work. Pretty cool experience!
Something cool this week is that we went on exchanges with the Zone Lords. I went to Manassas with Elder Neyman. We did some visiting and eating. It was nice. SO there’s a new sensation sweeping the mission…. YU-GI-OH!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh it’s as nostalgic as it sounds. So, in case you didn’t know, I used to be super into Yugioh back in the day (2nd-3rd grade). It was like a sweet homecoming to walk into that apartment and then sit down and have a good old duel. I’ll be having fun with that don’t worry.
Last you heard, our investigator Jordan was kind of getting off track for baptism. While I was in Manassas, Elder Jones and Elder Ross had a lesson with the kid. He’s shown so much growth since the first time we met with him. It’s literally night and day. His scheduled baptism was for this Saturday, but we’re going to push it back a few weeks. I didn’t have a lot of faith in this kid, I’ll admit it. But, he’s showing some initiative and he’s actually progressing a lot more than before. We gave him a mock baptismal interview, and he had some questions regarding modern day prophets aka he’d “never heard of Thomas Monson before.” (Even though I know we’ve given lessons around that and he’s watched conference.) Anyways…. He went home and read a lot of conference talks and read about Joseph Smith a lot. He came to church (!!!) prepared and was ready to learn. We know he’ll be ready in a few weeks if he keeps this up.
Well, Elder Ross and I have been getting along better. We’ve been working a lot more, and I think he finally realized that he needs to act like a missionary! He’s been working hard and not falling asleep so we’re doing good on that note. AND my nose is still intact 😀 hahaha
Have a good week everyone. Be thankful for your family and for this gospel. (Kind of forgot it was Thanksgiving this week until just barely ha) Show your thanks through service. STRIVE to be like Jesus. Keep it real. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

-elder evansj


Another Week In The Life of a Missionary

How’s everybody doing? I hope well. I’m doing great! Just another week

of not a whole lot going on! Haha kidding, but we’re slowing down a

little bit. Kathy got confirmed this Sunday by her son, and I got to

participate. It was really cool exercising my Priesthood power like

that. She’s going to be a strong member, I know it. We’re working with

our other investigators, and we got a kid named Jordan on date for

baptism for the 28th of this month. He’s really flaky and a big goof

kid, so we’re still working with him to make sure he’s 100% committed.

He graduated in 2013, so he’s not much older than us. We’re pretty

sure the only reason he’s met with Elders this long is because he

wants to hang out with us. This is a popular trend that we’ve seen

with our other investigators, but we’d much rather be doing some work

than hanging out with people like that. That’s what the YSA branch is

for hahaha. (Young Single Adults for all of my non-Mormon/athiest

friends haha)
So that’s been going good. My companion and me have been hitting some

rough patches lately, but I’ve been trying to be as loving as possible

so that we’ll get along. He’s said he’d break my nose on more than one

occasion but I’m not really sure what that means???? Haha anyways

(kidding I know what it means) I’m just trying to ease him into

missionary life and make sure the cowboy in him doesn’t take over. I’d

much rather get hit in the face than some of the other Elders out

here… HAHA all I’m saying is some of them probably couldn’t take a

punch (Also not saying I could, just saying I wouldn’t die :-D)
But besides that we’re doing alright! I really want to find us a new

investigator this week, so we’re hitting our area book hard for

potential investigators to contact. We’re also going to tract a lot

this week, something Elder Ross needs more practice with. (That’s

usually when the nose-breaking talk comes out.) Then later in the week

we have an exchange with the Zone Leaders, and I’m really hoping I can

learn some leadership skills, as well as some other things.
Keep it real, the church is true!
(Me at the White House. Sorry, it was bright!)


-Elder Evans

hey hey hey

Sorry I’m late! Some crazy stuff going on today! But I’m good!
Stuff going on this week… KATHY’S BAPTISM!!! It was so awesome to

see her finally enter the waters of baptism. We had a great showing

from the ward. There was so many people, we had to move the talks and

stuff to the chapel! It was awesome! And the Opoku family was able to

attend, and they really liked it. Kathy was baptized by her son Mike,

who is a recent convert. It was very touching, and the Spirit was so

strong. If you ever have the chance to attend a convert baptism, I

HIGHLY recommend it. The Spirit is always strong, and it’s amazing to

see how far some of these people come. Kathy 6 weeks ago and Kathy now

are completely different people. Not that she’s changed as a person,

but she is so much happier now. It was an awesome experience.
Our next project we’re working on, (Not really a project, just an

investigator we’re trying really hard to get to church and closer to

the waters of baptism!), is a guy named Norman. Not sure if I’ve

talked about him before, but he’s a 26 year old guy who’s super sweet.

Just like me, he freaking loves video games. Yeah, you could say we

have a lot to talk about. Anyways, we’ve had some great lessons with

him, he just won’t come to church! I don’t know what his problem is,

but every time we invite him, “something comes up.” We’re working very

hard this transfer on getting ALL of our investigators to church, and

Mr.Norman-gonna-be-a-Mormon is numero uno on this list.
Also, Jordan is still on date for the 28th of this month, and we had

our first meeting with him this weekend after a two week hiatus. He

said he’s been thinking about his baptism every day, but why haven’t

we been meeting then?! We’re making really sure that he’s 100%

committed to this, there’s no way we’re baptizing him if he ain’t

ready. Also something else we’re working on is helping our

investigators develop testimonies for themselves, and not just

piggybacking their missionaries.
I’m doing great, the work is good. If anyone wants to hang out after

this, let me know in 22 months. Keep it real, the church is true.
  Kathy, the lady in plaid, and Sister Blosil, as well as every freaking missionary that showed up to the dunking.

-elder evans


I just came to say hello, I’m running out of songs to start out my emails  with.

 Anyways, it’s a new transfer, and I’m training! Ha it’s crazy! Some say it’s like the blind leading the even more blind! But I’m having a great time. My greenie’s name is Elder Ross. He is from Wyoming, and he is a big time cowboy. He walks around with this huge belt buckle on! He’s pretty cool, and we’re working really hard. I’m trying my best to break him in, and we’re always trying to stay on top of things, even though we’re both new. But I’m having a blast, and we have a lot of stuff going on.

We just had our last lesson with Kathy this week! She is getting baptized this Sunday, and I’m so excited for her. She’s been coming to church for the last six or seven weeks, and she’s always participating in gospel principles and relief society. She is so ready to be baptized, and I know for a fact that she is going to be a lifelong member.

We had a half mission conference on Monday, the reason I’m sending this out today, and Elder Perkins of the Seventy spoke at it. Before the conference, he selected six missionaries to be interviewed, and I was one of them! We talked about what I think the mission should hear, and how we would benefit from it. And a little about baseball haha. It was so awesome, and I learned a ton. I can’t wait to use the things I learned in my training.

I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with a good guy named Elder Grow yesterday. I’ve been out for like two months, and he’s been out for 23 months. So there’s a little bit of a contrast. We did a ton of tracting, and I was able to learn some new things that I can apply to my training. We were able to talk to a lot of people, and we hope to see some of them at church this weekend! He taught me that I need to be more personable, and not just a robot haha. We need to portray kind, easy-going people that others would be willing to talk to about things that they care about. I was in awe as he gave several lessons on peoples’ doorsteps! I guess some things do come with time!

Anyways, thanks for everyone who is writing me or whatever, it’s great to hear from my buds back home. I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity to serve a mission, and I know great things are going to come from it. I’m thankful for this gospel that I get to go and talk to people about every single day. I’m also thankful for my family and friends for all of their support. Keep it real, the church is true!

(Oh, one more thing… FREAK YEAH ROYALS!!!!)
-Elder Evans  


hey what’s up hello

Hey what’s up hello hahaha
Everything in Vint Hill (my area) is rocking!! I’m having a blast! We

were on a dry streak this last week, and weren’t feeling too hot.

Then, one of our off and on investigators, Jordan, wanted to start

meeting up more. We were able to teach him five times this week,

including this morning! We just barely had a Word of Wisdom lesson,

and it went awesome. He said he would like to be baptized by the end

of this year. And he also wants to finish the BoM by Thanksgiving, his

birthday. He’s a pretty goofy kid, but he finally decided to get

serious about the gospel, which is awesome!
We’re on bikes this week too. The sisters in our zone had to take

their car to the shop because they got hit twice within 24 hours. Both

times in parking lots, so no big deal. But, they asked around, and we

volunteered our car. We thought that the bikes would help us be

noticed better. It helped! The other day, I guy flagged us down and

wanted to talk. He said he used to meet with the missionaries all the

time, and though we were “cool as h*ck.” (Haha the other one). Anyways

we’re going to Bdubs with him tomorrow. Halle-freakin-lujah ha!
We also have had some tracting success. We knocked on this guys house,

his name is Kevin. He is Indian, and is Siihk (it’s a religion). They

believe that the Holy Spirit watches over them, and denotes all things

they’ve done good. We talked about Jesus Christ and how we had a

prophet on the Earth today. He was kind of not interested, but then I

was prompted to talk about missionary work. I mentioned how we are

called to serve for two years, and that we love our church so much

that we set everything aside to serve. He was amazed! He invited us in

for juice! This is the first time I’ve ever been let in from tracting.

We talked a little more about the gospel, and them he invited his wife

in and we set a short, simple prayer. He said we could come back

sometime and have dinner!
We also were able to help out on a farm the other day! We fed some

chickens, and I got to drive the freaking tractor! I’ll send a picture

later. It was so awesome.
We just got done having a nerf war for P-Day, and that was super fun.

Our zone is killer! Got run, a member is taking us to Cafe Rio.
Keep it real, the church is TRUE!!!!
-Elder Evans
Me, Elder Jones, Elder Christensen, and Elder Snow (Heading to tbell)


“it’s a great week to be a missionary”

Hello Everyone! What a wonderful week to be a missionary! Conference!!
(Apparently I have a blog? Hello!)
This week was rather uneventful this week, for my companion and I at least. We had 11 lessons fall through. Either the person wasn’t there, or they couldn’t meet at that moment. Some of these people were regulars too! Most of the time when someone misses a lesson, it’s their first one. It also sucks when it’s raining and you have the next four hours filled with lessons and they aren’t there. What do you do when a lesson falls through: Finding (aka tracting). So basically it was a lot of knocking on doors this week haha.
Speaking of the rain, apparently there was a storm over here? Hurricane Joaquin? The storm didn’t really effect us here, just a lot of rain. It rained for like three days straight! We were pretty soaked. We were pretty down on our luck, being that it was raining and we were just walking in the rain, and it kind of got to us. We were trying to be 100% obedient and trying to be directed by the Spirit, but nothing was working out! Today, in personal study I was reading a talk given by Elder Bednar from last conference called “Therefore They Hushed Their Fears.” In it, it talks about how we have nothing to fear, and how we need to put our faith in the Lord. He relates a story from Matthew, where the apostles are on a ship in a stormy sea. They are fearing for they’re lives, because of how bad the water was. Then they see a man walking on the water, who says that he is Jesus. He tells them not to be afraid. Peter says, “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.” Peter then walks on the water toward Christ! Then he gets scared and begins to sink. He calls out and Jesus saves him.
Matthew 14:30-31
30 But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.

31 And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

We need to remember that in our times of fear, like mine, we need to turn towards the Lord. He’s always going to be there for us, and we need to remember that. My companion and I decided to “Ponderize” this scripture this week. If you’re not sure what that means, you need to watch conference! Anyways, we decided that when we are down on our luck again, we are going to turn toward the Lord.
One cool thing that happened this week is that we got to go on exchanges with the zone leaders! We actually get to see the zone leaders a lot, and they are awesome! One of them, Elder Christensen, is from Hurricane. Whenever someone asked where we were from, I would say a small town in Utah and he would say an even smaller town in Utah ha! We had a great time. We tracted a couple neighborhoods, including the ghetto. It’s not really ghetto, it’s just the closest thing we got to it in our area, so we call it that. It’s government housing, but it’s not even that bad. Like, we walk around there at night, and it isn’t scary and actually most of the people like having us around. We met a woman named Caryn last week, and then this week we met her husband, John. They are really nice and we’re going to try to teach them this week. It seems like everyone here has a crazy work schedule, and it’s really hard to find both people home at the same time.
(Another side note, but we’re in the leasing office again. I HAVE to find out where they get their jazz tunes. This band is CRAZY!!)
Another guy we talked to in the ghetto is this black guy named Justin. The first time we met him, he was standing on his porch, smoking a cig. We didn’t really see him, because it was dark, and we were about to knock on his door when he said, “I’m right here, man.” Ha. We proceeded to talk to him about what we do as missionaries and how we have a prophet on the Earth today. He liked how we talked. We started talking life more, and he brought up how everyone was going crazy with the Pope coming around. He said that people were treating the Pope like Jesus! All respect to the Pope, but I’ve got to side with Justin. The Pope is just another man, a holy man at that, but still just a man. We should be putting our faith and worship towards our Father in heaven.
We talked to Justin again the other day, and he was glad to see us! He enjoys talking to us. We were talking about football, the weather, and about our church. He thought it was crazy that I was only 18, and on a mission for my church. I told him it was because I believed so much that my church was true, that I gave two years of my life to the Lord. I encouraged him to read what we left him with last time, and he said that we could stop by anytime we’re in the area.
Remember the words that the leaders of our church left us with in this past conference. I’d invite all of you to rematch or reread your favorite talks and take to heart the words that they spoke. Also, what a blessing it is to have three new apostles!
Remember who you are, and keep being yourself. I’d encourage you guys to be genuine at all costs. I love all of you and keep you in my prayers! The church is true!!!

Sweater Weather in VA

Baby Snapping Turtle I Found

Our Practice Investigator, Brobee
-elder evans

Elder Evans takes on Virginia

“I made it, I’m here in DC! (Actually just Virginia) We left the MTC at

2:30 am on Wednesday, then went straight to the airport. We were on a

small plane on the way from Salt Lake to Minneapolis. Had a layover

there, and we were able to get T-Bell!! Holy cow it had been so long.

That Baja Blast was sweet nectar. I was able to call Mom and say

what’s up, we were actually on the phone for like 30 minutes haha. We

were almost late to the connecting flight, but we made it. Then it was

off to DC!!
When we landed in DC we were greeted by the Huntsman’s at the gate,

and then went and saw the Lincoln Memorial. They sent home a picture,

I heard it was posted on Instagram. After that, we went to the mission

home. It’s a beautiful home out in the woods. We ate Cafe Rio,

apparently that have it out here?? We played some basketball, and then

Pres. Huntsman let me and Elder Flowers got to take out their

longboards!! I was so stoked to be on a board again! After we went to

the hotels where we spent the night.
We woke up and had some bomb breakfast at the hotel. Then we went to a

chapel for a quick meeting and to find out who our companions would

be. My companion is named Elder Snow, and he’s freaking awesome! I’m

so stoked! We get along so well. I got assigned to the Vint Hill ward

in the Manassas zone. The ward is sweet and the bishop is awesome. I’m so thankful that I get to serve in such an awesome area!
The first day we went out tracting almost immediately! I was kind of scared, but I’ve been able to adapt. It is a TON easier when you have the Spirit with you. I’m slowly growing. I’ve had the opportunity to teach several people, and they are all special to me. We tracted into a guy named Tyrone. He works for the Secret Service! We knocked and left, but he yelled for us to come back, we just missed him. We told him about what we do as missionaries, and he said he had a mormon friend. We came back and taught him the entire Restoration! He really liked it and next time he has a day off we’re coming back to teach him more.
We taught another guy named Norman. He is the only investigator in his family, and he is close to being baptized. Another guy named Vyncenzo, he is only available sometimes but loves the missionaries. He always tells us to “keep it real” haha.
We taught a guy named Jordan over breakfast at Chick-fil-a (!!!). It was awesome. We’re teaching him again tomorrow night.
Sorry my email is kind of late today, the first P-Day is always the busiest! We played basketball/dodgeball/football for almost 3 hours! Everyone in my zone is awesome, and Elder Elya and Yeager (from the MTC) were there! It’s awesome seeing familiar faces! Oh and there is a golf course near us, and we’re going next week!! I’m so stoked! Next on the list: Skatepark (haha kidding)
Thank you all for your support and emails! They mean the world to me! The church is true! Love you all!
Oh and here is my new address for letters:
8401 Rosebay Lane Apt. #110 Manassas, VA 20109

-Elder Evans”


Jacobs friends Elder Elya and Elder Yeager and his Mission President and his wife, the Huntsmans    

And…. HE’S OFF!!

Elder Evans entered the Provo Missionary Training Center on September 2, 2015. He has been there for exactly one week today!! He has emailed home and is doing great! (Self Promo: EMAIL HIM!!) His P-day is Friday at the MTC, but he’ll only be there for a little less than a week more. Here is the last email he sent home:

I’m doing awesome! I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but now I’m positive that this is where I need to be. I’ve felt the Spirit so strongly here. Karsten and I are in the same zone, so pretty much he rooms just down the hall. I’ve been able to talk to him everyday, and it’s a huge blessing. I know that you’re probably freaking out that I’m gone. Just chill out. I’m doing fine and I’ll write you as much as I can. My P-Days are on Friday in the MTC, so I’ll be able to send and receive emails then. (And if you’d like to send me some snacks, ties, or anything else, I don’t mind ha) I love you all so much. How are the boys doing? Have that had a party celebrating my departure yet? Hahaha I hope not. I think about you guys every day and I hope you are all doing alright. Make sure everyone knows I’m doing fine. I’ll try to send out a newsletter later too. I’m so grateful that I chose to serve and I know that this is the right thing for me to do. Tell Dad that I said thanks for keeping me on the right path. My companion Elder Hudson is cool. We’ve been getting along just fine. I’ve learned so much in these few days. I feel as though I could go out and teach someone right now. It’s amazing.
I’ll try to write you some more later. I love you all. Keep me in your prayers.