Hello how is everyone doing. We had some big stuff go down this week.We finally had the mission conference that we’ve been looking forward

to. We’ve been preparing with the youth for the last couple of weeks

and this was our big pay off. So on Friday they went to the church and

did a kickoff meeting and were put into their districts. Then they

went and spent the night at a member’s home, following the missionary

schedule. Then they came to the church where all of the missionaries

were waiting. I had to hand out these little pieces of paper that had

places they could go tract, and I couldn’t tell the missionaries apart

from the youth! I had to get them all to raise their hands haha.

Anyways then we had a meeting with President Hultom from the stake

presidency and President Lowe from the mission presidency spoke also.

They gave some great talks. Then we headed out! So, some of the youth

that had signed up to go didn’t show up, or had things come up, so

they had to switch things up a little bit. I got paired up with Zach

from the Hamilton ward, which is like way out in the boonies. I also

got paired up with Elder Shelley, so it was more like we were just on

an exchange with a priest. We went out into our area, tracted a little

bit, and then headed off to check up on some potentials. We knocked on

one guy’s door thinking we were going to speak to Mahmud or something

but Jesse actually answered and we were able to have a short lesson

with him and his wife Katherine! We taught them at their doorstep and

are going to go back and see them this week. We also accidentally

tracted into the Jones’, an older couple in our ward that I forgot

lived in that complex. SO, we did a member lesson with them and gave

Zach the opportunity to teach two lessons that day. He was a little

shy, but did a great job when teaching. We headed back and ate some

pizza, and the youth did a testimony meeting afterwards, it was really

That Sunday, Bishop invited some of the youth in the ward that had

participated in the activity to come up and bear their testimony about

it. One kid, Sam, said that the activity had changed his mind about

going on a mission. He said that he used to think missionary work was

scary and wouldn’t be fun, but when he had the chance to go out and do

it, he really enjoyed it. He said that it brought a lot of joy knowing

that he was helping to change someone’s life. He went out with one of

my buddies, Elder King, and they went and were able to teach Ray,

Tommy’s dad! They invited him to baptism several times, but in typical

Ray fashion he dodged the question without realizing it. We’ll get him

one day!! I was really glad that at least one kid was changed from

this activity.
Last week as we were approaching transfers, Elder Holdaway brought up

this place in Midddleburg, a small town about thirty minutes from our

place, that he heard was a good restaurant. So we set out to go to

lunch at the Red Fox Inn. He said it might be a little on the pricy

side, but we said what the heck and went. We show up, and this place

is like a super fancy restaurant. But it was too late, we had drove

all this way, and were starving, so we headed in. What came about was

a delicious dining experience, but a hard hit to the pocketbooks.

Lunch ended up costing like twenty five bucks hahaha. But, it was

super cool and we got to check out the town of Middleburg so hey, no

regrets. I’ll include some pictures.
The big thing this week: transfers. I’m staying in Tall Cedars. I love

this ward and I’m glad they’re keeping me around. But, my buddy Elder

Stenquist headed out. I was bummed to see him go. We went around and

said goodbye to some members on Wednesday. My new companion is Elder

Bigelow! He is from my MTC group. He’s from Pleasant Grove, UT. He’s

super funny, I’m glad that we’re companions. I took him around and had

him meet the members, we’re super excited to get to work.
Well, gotta save some stuff for next week’s email. Elder Bigelow and I

are about to GO IN on Tall Cedars. They’ll never see it coming. Love

you all. Keep it real. The church is true!
-Elder Evans 



Another week as a Missionary!

~KEEP MOVIN ON UPP TO THE SKKYYY~ Hello everyone how was your week. I
hope it was well. Pretty fun stuff this time around. We’re prepping

for that missionary conference big time, so that was some of the

stuff we did:
On Wednesday we went over to Brother Batty’s for a mission prep class

thing. He’s the Young Men’s president. So he showed the boys how to

make an easy mission meal, tuna casserole. Although I don’t think I’ve

ever made anything close to that out here. He should’ve just had them

cook up some ramen or something. Realistic is what we want. Anyways we

had a good time talking with them and then we watched Two Brothers.

It’s a church video series that highlights the lives of two brothers

before and on their missions. Pretty cool if you get the chance to see

it, I bet it’s online somewhere. Then we were able to bear testimony

to these youth of how the mission has really changed us, and how it’s

helped us out a lot. I think some of them are starting to think about

missions, which is a good thing.
We did some more service this week. We did a district service project

over at the Juneau’s in the Brambleton ward. We picked up a lot of

sticks and pulled some weeds and ate some pizza. Brother Juneau is

super funny so we had a good time. On Saturday we were recruited by

Chip, the guy we helped with his entire lawn, to help out one of his

buddies with his lawn. These are like full scale lawn renewals. His

name was Liu. He is Vietnamese. We get there an it starts SNOWING. I

wasn’t wearing a winter outfit so it got chilly real fast. It stopped

after a minute, but it was still super cold and windy. We aerated his

whole lawn and then his NEIGHBOR’S lawn, then redid his garden/bush

thing and mulched them. We had some really good Vietnamese pho

(pronounced fuh for you uncultured swine) ((Kidding)) and yeah it was

really good. Then we seeded and composted his entire yard. It took a

long time. I got a jacket by this point so we were all good.

Afterwards we went over to Chip’s home for a huge dinner. Steak,

twice-baked potatoes, salad, the whole nine yards. SUPER good. He also

went to Costco and hooked it up fat. (That means big time 🐽)

((KIDDING again jeesh)) So let’s just say we didn’t need to pick up a

whole lotta things on Monday. Seriously though this guy isn’t even a

member and he’s hooking the Elders up. Ha.
On Sunday we were able to help out the Laurels in the ward with

practice teaching the restoration lesson. They did a super good job.

And it sounds like most of them have found friends that they can teach

this weekend. Sweet! It’s going to make it a lot easier for them if

they just buck up and do it, or else they’re going to be tracting.

Their choice haha. That evening we went and visited Brother Smith and

his family. He wasn’t at church so we wanted to check up on him. Their

whole family is super awesome. He’s from the same town in Idaho as

Elder Stenquist, so they go on and on about podunk Idaho Falls.

(Kidding haha) It’s pretty funny and we always have a great time over

Well I’m excited about this missionary conference this weekend. It

should bring in a lot more people to our teaching pools, and help

these youth out with mission prep. I’m excited for them. OH YEAH so

Elder Holdaway got this bulut (I’m not sure if it’s spelled like that,

oh well) stuff and we ate some. It’s that Filipino half egg half

undeveloped duck embryo thing that people always throw up after

eating. Pretty gross. He demolished the whole thing and Elder

Stenquist almost threw up after watching haha. So me and Elder Snow

tried some and it is not that bueno. Ha I was able to eat some of the

egg part but would not go near the duck thing. I nibbled a little bit

of it but Elder Holdaway took that thing down ha. Have fun this week

people. Hey, reread a conference talk. HOMEWORK!! Ha. Love you all.

Keep it real. The church is true!
-Elder Evans



Hello people of different places! I’m back with an update! Somehighlights from this week: We found this really good Chinese place in

our area called Wong Kok that we’ve ate at a couple times, GOOD EATS.

We’ve found a new investigator!!! We’ve also had a lot of fun. Details

On Tuesday we had our district meeting. Elder Stenquist decided to do

something that one of my last district leaders did. It’s from a book

called “how to become a consecrated missionary” or something like

that. Anyways, it tells you to do a couple things to try to get an

answer to something you’ve been thinking about through the Book of

Mormon. You start out with your question. It shouldn’t be too broad or

too vague. Also should be gospel related, probably. Write this

question down. Then you pray and ask God to help you out, that you’re

trying to get an answer through the BoM and that you’d like help.

Afterwards you just start reading. You can pick a random chapter or

one of your favorites, doesn’t really matter. After you think you’ve

got something, you write it down. After, pray again and tell God that

you’re going to do it again, and make sure to ask him to really point

something out if you need it. Read again, and look really hard to make

sure you aren’t missing anything. Seek out your answer. Write anything

else down that you feel obliged to. When you’re done, pray again and

ask if the things you’ve come to know are true. I really enjoyed this

activity. My question was simple: How can I come closer to God? I flip

to a random chapter in Mosiah, right to the story of when Abinadi is

telling the priests to get their act together. That whole story was

sort of an answer. It was telling me to not to be like these chumps

and be a true tool in the Lord’s hands. Then when I went back to look

again, I found Mosiah 12:33 “… I know if you keep the commandments

of God ye shall be saved.” Boom. A simple answer for a simple mind.

Ha. Later that night we went and played basketball with our ward. Fun

On Wednesday all four of us went over and had dinner at our Bishop’s

home. It was super fun and as usual, delicious food. We always have a

blast over there. We reiterated what we had done for Missionary Monday

at Seminary to their family, which was family history. Our family

history “party” was on Wednesday (more on that later) so we were

really trying to drive it home. Afterwards, I went on a split with

Elder Snow. Reliving the glory days! We got to go and check on some

people, and it was a ton of fun working with him again.
Thursday we had the Family History Party! Not really a party but we

call it that. Oh well, still a ton of fun. We had a pretty good

turnout! Obviously not everyone in the ward showed up, but we still

had a lot of people that weren’t involved in family history that are

now! Elder Stenquist and I had a great time looking up more people. We

got to share some experiences we had also. All around good experience.
We went and visited Tony again. I think I had emailed earlier about

going over there and having to sit through like a twenty minute

prayer, right? I think so. Anyways it was his daughter Lisa’s 16th

birthday party so we dropped in to say hello and have some cake. We

had a good conversation with him about missionary work. He said

although he doesn’t want to come to our church, he admires us for what

we do for our God and wants to be like us. He’s a super awesome guy

that we’re going to go see more. Good cake too!
On Sunday we went with our Bishop to a baptism in a previous area for

some people that Elder Stenquist had taught. SIX PEOPLE GOT BAPTIZED!

It was a man and his niece and all her kids! Exciting! Eric, the dude

that was first contacted, was the first to be baptized. Man that was a

cool thing to see. He was so grateful that after he was dunked, he

stood in the font for like five minutes just crying and hugging the

man who baptized him. The Spirit was so strong. Afterwards, he hugged

just about every single person who showed up to the baptism. Really

cool thing to see.
Also on Sunday, we went and presented the “Come Follow Me” missionary

conference to the youth. Not sure if I’ve emailed about it but it’s

where the priests and laurels in the Ashburn stake are assigned a

companion their age and then they go through some missionary training.

The next day both of them go out with a full time missionary to go and

teach some of their friends who they have previously set up

appointments with. Pretty cool! We were really glad to come and talk

directly to the youth, and tell them how excited we were about this

program. I shared an experience about a kid we went out with while I

was in Vint Hill. There was a kid in the Gainesville ward that used to

come on splits with us, his name is Jake. Jake was always happy to

come with us, whether we were tracting or teaching lessons or

whatever, he was stoked. It was so cool to see him progress from the

first time we went out with him to right before I left. He was just

like another missionary! Just without the tag ha. He was doing door

approaches like a pro and would hand out just as many BoM’s as a real

missionary. He recently got his mission call to Washington, and sent

me a message saying how we was thankful for that opportunity he had to

go out with us. I bore testimony to these youth that experiences like

that can help a person so much with missionary work and that they

should grab hold of this program with full fellowship. (Cool

Experience Part 2: Jake used to be in my grandparent’s ward in South

Carolina, and when he went back to visit last week he got to talk to

them about going out with us!)
For Missionary Monday we went and followed up with the “Come Follow

Me” thing. We answered some questions and shared some scriptures. We

taught about how when Jesus told the apostles, “Come follow me, and I

will make you fishers of men.” When he told them this, they

immediately dropped their nets and went with him. Those men had so

much faith!
After we went to Top Golf! Super fun! We then went and got some

ChickFilA and then went and played ball with some other guys. Good

P-Day. Oh and we went and met (as he’s called in our area book) Brian

Video Game Guy. (WOOHOO) He’s sick and we taught a short Plan of

Salvation lesson last night. He was happy we shared it and invited us

back next week. Sweet. Well thanks for everyone being everyone. Um

have a good week. Love you all. Keep it real. The church is true!
-Elder Evans

Also, Happy Birthday Aunt Delores!!

Hello from the snow

As you’ve heard, like 2-4 feet of snow. Pretty sick. Too bad I didn’tbring my snowboard out here, could of put it too good use. Also, I got

transferred! Long story: The AP’s were serving in Braddock YSA ward.

They wanted to be moved into Fort Belvoir, so they could make it the

“model area” for the mission. Since I came into the area the same time

as the other two guys, and since Elder Koloti had already served there

one transfer, we were decided as the companionship they would replace.

I guess it isn’t such a long story after all. Anyways, I got

transferred into the Tall Cedars ward. Super sick! I am now companions

with Elder Stenquist!! He is a super cool guy from Idaho Falls, ID and

he’s been out sixteen months. He played baseball out there. He is the

District Leader, and I am the District Leader Companion AKA District

Monkey. haha. We live in a townhouse with another set of Elders. They

are the Zone Leaders. Elder Holdaway and….. ELDER SNOW!! I’m back

with Elder Snow! I am so excited! We’ve already had a ton of fun, I

can’t wait to see what else is in store.
So yeah you’ve heard about the snow. We got pounded with like 3 feet!

I’ve only seen this area without snow for the first day I was here,

Thursday. On Friday it started snowing, and the rest is history. We

spent the rest of the time on Friday cleaning and unpacking. From then

on we’ve been putting in work just helping people dig out there cars,

driveways, sidewalks, dogs (kidding), and other stuff. This nice

Vietnamese lady we helped had us come back over for some homemade

pizza. It was super bomb!! She used to own a pizza place and makes

some super good pizza. She said she made it for the Redskins a lot.

The Redskins are sponsored by Papa Johns, but she said that when they

wanted good pizza, they came to her place. Ha! So we had some fun

there and with some other people that we helped out.
Today was the day that our driveway and road finally got cleared, so

we left immediately and headed to Wal-Mart. We’ve been living off of

pizza and Pop Tarts for like four days straight. We’ve literally had

pizza for almost every meal. So we got some much needed supplies from

wally world.
Before we got dug out, we were wading through several FEET of snow due

to the snow drifts. Like up to my waist. I’m 6′ 4″. Get the picture?

(If you don’t, I’ll send some.) We walked to the church through snow

like that just to get wifi to sync up our area book, and to play a

little ball.
OH cool story. So we were shoveling out our driveway the other day,

and we had a HUGE pile of fresh pow pow sitting next to our driveway.

We were jumping in and having fun when I had an idea. We have a door

on our second floor that leads to nothing, but you can still open it.

It’s meant for a deck, but since we don’t have one it just has a small

gate. We ended up jumping out of the kitchen into this pile of snow

for fun. I’ll have Sarah post it on Insta so everyone can see it. Tons

of fun.
OH super crazy story. So we go to this single lady’s house to help her

shovel. She’s a member, Sister Morgan. Her son comes home with his

friends to also help. He is going to BYU-I, so I ask him if he knows

my cousin, Brad. He says he doesn’t, but his friend Grant asks if he

if from Nevada. I say yes, and we figure out we both know Brad!!

Apparently this kid went to EFY with Brad like three years ago, the

same time I went with Elder Bell. SUPER CRAZY!! He sent Brad a

snapchat with me in it haha.
Nothing else going on really. It’s starting to melt, but I heard it

might rain/snow again on Thursday so there’s that. Trying hard to work

hard out here, and do what we can to spread God’s Kingdom. Love you

all and thanks for the heads up about the snow, all 3835579 of you.

Love you all. Keep it real. The church is true!
-Elder Evans 


Birthday week

Had a good week this week! I went on an exchange with one of our zoneleaders, Elder Peterson. We had a great time. He’s previously served

in Fort Belvoir, so it was cool for him to ‘relive the glory days’

haha. We went around contacting all the referrals we had received the

last week and we ended up finding a girl named Myra who was

interested! We’re going to begin working with her more. Then we had a

finding fest that evening. That’s where we focus all of our energy on

tracting or trying to find new people to teach. We ended up stopping

by a lady named Peace that we had previously contacted. She invited us

in to chat. We asked her if she knew of anyone that would want to be

taught and she was like “you can teach me!” We proceeded to teach her

the first lesson, The Restoration. She really enjoyed it! (Last night,

we went back and taught her the Plan of Salvation and she accepted a

soft baptismal invite!) When we were almost done with the lesson, her

roommate Frank asked us if we wanted any fufu. (Frank and Peace are

from Ghana, by the way.) Fufu is a African food that is made out of

plantains and is eaten with peanut butter soup. We finished up the

lesson, then had some good fufu! After that we went over to the

Kough’s, recent converts in the ward. I proceeded to beat Brother

Kough in chess! I’m the first Elder to beat him.
We met with Floyd again, we taught him the 10 Commandments and some

others. He really liked that we lived the things we taught. He also

thought it is important to keep the sabbath day holy, because it is an

important day! He came to church this week, and he really liked it! A

missionary from a different ward who recently returned home spoke, and

Floyd really liked it. He only stayed for the first two hours though,

we’re working with him to be more comfortable in priesthood. We’re

going to give him the Gospel Principles book this week during our

lesson so that he can keep up with the lessons even when he isn’t able

to be there. He works every other week.
I got a call this week from Brother McLaughlin from the Vint Hill

ward! He works up in the Fort Belvoir area, and wanted to take us to

lunch! We went to a really good, authentic Mexican restaurant. They

came and made guac right at our table! Also had some real good

I had a great birthday on Sunday, thanks to everyone and their

birthday wishes!! I got some new basketball shoes, which I got to

break in today in a few games. (They worked great. 😎) All the Elders

that live in our apartment and the zone leaders filled our entire room

with balloons! I found out that it took like two hours to blow all of

them up, and that the other elders had to keel them in their closet

for a couple days! Thanks guys! I’m glad I was able to spend it out

here, in the service of my Lord.
Love you all! Have a good week this week, alright? Enjoy the Utah

weather for me, it’s SUPER cold here. It snowed a bit yesterday! But

none stuck, THANK GOODNESS. I’m riding a bike for heaven’s sakes. (Ha,

get it? Because I’m a missionary? Hahaha) Alright love you all! Keep

it real! The church is true!
-Elder Evans


4 months!!

What up. I’ve been out four months! Pretty crazy huh? The time has flown by, and I’m so excited for what I have yet to experience!

Starting off this week we had interviews with our mission president. It’s pretty cool to get to talk to him one on one like that. He has such great council for us missionaries. He is a super smart man that is very accomplished and knowledgable about the gospel and life. Reminds me a lot of my dad. Oh, today I got an early birthday card (!!!) from president and sister huntsman! They were very proud of me and can’t wait to see what I’ll accomplish. I know I was put in this mission because of the mission president here. I’ve already learned so much. After interviews we got some great insights from our assistants to the president and our zone leaders. We practiced teaching simple and planning effectively. Planning is something I really need to work on, as well as goal setting. I’m so glad that I’ve been blessed with great leaders that can help me out.

Pretty cool experience after interviews: We planned to go street contacting from our place all the way to Walmart, which is on the other side of our area. It took us about two hours to get all the way down there, and then we realized we weren’t going to get back in time to get a ride to our dinner. We were thinking of what to do when I saw the bus driving by. We hopped on the next bus heading back to our place. At one of the stops, a man came and sat by us. Turns out it was James, a less active man who just moved into the ward. I love James so much, he is recovering from being homeless and is going through some terrible health problems. We told him last week we were going to come by and give him a blessing, but got caught up in the work and forgot. James asked us when we were going to come by, and I instantly remembered that we had planned to go over there. We quickly rescheduled for the next evening and went on our ways. I’m not the biggest believer in miracles, even though I’m a missionary. I’m quick to call things coincidences or say that things happen by chance. I know we were supposed to be on that bus at that time. I know that we were supposed to meet James and talk with him. This experience has strengthened my testimony about miracles, and I’ve been seeing a lot more know that I’ve realized that. Not the kind of miracles that some people think of, like healing the blind and having the lame walk, but the small and simple miracles that happen in our lives each and every day.

Elder Severe and I went on an exchange on Wednesday, and he got to come to our lesson with Floyd! Lessons with Floyd are really the highlight of my week. I love seeing him and watching him progress in the gospel. Seeing any investigator take the small steps toward baptism are what all missionaries pray for everyday, and it’s amazing to see Floyd make them right in front of me. Anyways Floyd made it to church for the first time this last week! He said he had some questions after church that he wanted to talk about after church. He really loved sacrament meeting and Sunday school. It was fast Sunday, and he loved watching everyone get up and bear their testimonies. He said he would imagine each person as himself and ask himself, “Could I do that?” He really like Gospel Principles, where we teach very simply and open everything up yo discussion. But he had a problem with priesthood. He said he didn’t feel very comfortable or welcomed. He said it almost felt like he shouldn’t have been there. We calmed him nerves and told him everyone’s first time is different. Floyd said he would only agree to be baptized if he feels comfortable in the church. He agrees with the doctrine and everything, and he said if it was just for a sign of faith he would go and get baptized right away! But he says if he is going to convert to this church he needs to feel comfortable there, that’s the most important thing for him. We assured him that as he continued to go and prayed for strength and a personal testimony of the church. He would feel more comfortable. Elder Severe promised him that if he didn’t feel welcomed after three times of coming that he would never have to come again. This was a very bold promise! But I know that with enough faith, anything is possible.

Other than that, this week was pretty regular. Some good contacts with potential investigators and referrals, and some bomb meals at some sick members’ homes! Thank you everyone for the holiday wishes! I love you all! Keep it real! The church is TRUE!!

-Elder Evans

fort elders



Hello Everyone.

It’s a bummer that this season is coming to the end. The holidays are
a great time to be focused on the Savior, which helps us missionaries
out a lot. A lot of awesome stuff happened this week. Oh yeah and got
to teach Primary this week! Missionary life BABBYYY!!

It was so great to see the fam, even though I only left them a few
months ago ha. The boys have already grown so much, it’s crazy. My
Christmas was awesome, I got hooked up with enough treats to last me
to mid February ha. We were able to go over to the Jone’s’ home for
Christmas dinner with the Sister missionaries. We had a great time,
their family is awesome! After, we went over to Salifu and Mabinty’s.
They are a recent convert family from Sierra Leone. They are so cool!
They fed us some MORE FOOD, I was stuffed. We sang some songs and
played some games, all of which I won. (Kidding the Sisters bopped me
in the last one.) Then we won’t over to Elder and Sister Torgersen’s,
they are the senior couple serving in our ward. We had some snacks and
watched the Lion King. It was awesome!

Oh forgot to mention, Christmas Eve the whole mission went to the
Temple Visitor Center and sang in a choir. But, I wasn’t in the choir.
I was doing parking/traffic. It was sweet! They hooked us up with some
reflective vests, walkie-talkies, and some sick light saber plane
guiding stick things. You know those glowing sticks people use to back
up planes and stuff. Well we used those to direct traffic. It was
sweet! Elder Yeager and I started doing a dancing/lightsaber battle
thing, which most people enjoyed. We then enjoyed some delicious
Cinnabon after. Successful night.

What else… Oh yeah JORDAN GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was so awesome!!!1!!
Sunday after church we took the Metro from Franconia all the way to
Vienna, where some Chinese Elders picked us up and took us back to
Vint Hill! It was so good to be back! We got there an hour and a half
before the baptism, so we had to sit around for a while until someone
showed up. All the Elders that taught Jordan were able to make it, it
was sick as rick. Jordan was so pumped. He played a musical number at
his own baptism! The whole thing went awesome. President and Sister
Huntsman were able to attend as well. They ended up giving us a ride
back to our place. I haven’t received the pictures yet, but when I get
them I’ll send em!

Today we helped someone move for a while, then went with Bro. Phelps
to the Army’s airfield for a special tour. He showed us the
Blackhawks! It was so sick! He told us all about them, and a couple
war stories to boot. We had a blast. He even showed us one of the
Blackhawks they use for VIP escorts!

The work is great here, I’m so thankful to be in the best area of the
mission, again. I love life right now and hope everyone is feeling the
same way. Thanks everyone for the Christmas wishes. Love you all. The
church is true!!


CTR 5 Class (Yes I know my hair is long, I’m getting it cut.)


light saber selfie


washington dc temple!!!!


piloting the black hawk!!!!!!!



-Elder Evans


This place is awesome!! Fort Belvoir BABYYY!! So my new companion isElder Koloti, he’s a Tongan from SLC. The kid is freaking sweet! He’s

been out for a year, which is awesome because I’ve never had a

companion that’s been out for more than 3 months. We live with Elder

Severe and Elder Anderson, it’s so freaking cool. Elder Severe is our

District Leader. We’ve already had a couple of crazy game nights. I’m

so excited to be here.
So yeah transfers this week, new comp… What else… When we got to

our new apartment it was trashed. Like seriously beds everywhere, crap

in all the closets, it was a mess. We spent that entire first day just

moving stuff around and making it livable again. We worked on the

kitchen today, we’re going to make this place look great again. Elder

Severe has served in this ward before, and he said it’s easily the

best area in the mission. Only problem, we’re on bikes. I’ll get used

to it haha. The car areas are BLESSED.
So I heard that Fort Belvoir was super ghetto, and it kind of is.

There is a lot of people around here, that’s why we have two sets of

Elders and some Sisters too. Not everyone speaks English. I’d say it’s

like fifty-fifty. My first couple of street contacts in this area were

to people in other languages. I can handle the Hispanics pretty well

with the little Spanish missionary lingo I know, but when they’re

speaking Tagalog or some African language it’s pretty difficult haha.

There is a lot of people around here from Africa. I’m going to try and

learn some more Twi (the Ghanain language) so I can talk to more

people. Quick language lesson: Etesane is hello in Ghanain!
There is so many investigators in this area, we’re going to work hard

and get the work done while we’re here. Pray for us. Love you all,

keep it real, the church is TRUE.
-Elder Evans

Elder Koloti and I ft. His guitar

The Fort posted up at Walmart. Potential Album Cover


My cult following…. What’s up?
Haha Sorry for the late email this week! Had a lot of stuff going on, just thought I should send a short update!
Turns out I’m getting transferred! I’m heading Fort Belvoir! I’m super stoked because I heard this is the ghetto part of the mission, like in the city. I’M SO STOKED!!1! Ha really though I’ve been wanting to get into other parts of the mission. And I think that change is really going to help me out. I’m going to make the best out of the change, and I’m super excited! It kind of sucks leaving just before Christmas, but I’m sure I’ll be able to adjust. This Monday, my buddy Elder Jones got put in Assistant to the President position, so there was a lot of moving going on. It’s strange moving around the mission, getting used to people then all of a sudden getting up and moving! I’ll get used to it.
We met with Jordan this week again, and put him on date for baptism! He’ll be baptized in two weeks, and I’m so excited for him. He was able to go to the Single’s Ward this week, and he loved it! I’m so excited for him and what he’s going to experience!
I went to Return and Report (Repent) again, but this time as a trainer. We were all able to talk about challenges and cool things we’ve experienced while training. It is hard as heck, but teaches you a lot. (Especially when your companion is hard haha) Well after all our meetings we just played basketball for a while, while the other missionaries had to go to more meetings ha. Perks of being a trainer!
Not sure if I talked about it, but I helped out on a goat farm? It was pretty cool, you know hanging out with goats and stuff.
Not sure what else to say. I’ll get back to you guys soon, I promise. As usual, keep it real, THE CHURCH IS TRUE. 

-elder evans

our zone

  putting up someone’s Christmas lights