Hello how is everyone doing. We had some big stuff go down this week.We finally had the mission conference that we’ve been looking forward

to. We’ve been preparing with the youth for the last couple of weeks

and this was our big pay off. So on Friday they went to the church and

did a kickoff meeting and were put into their districts. Then they

went and spent the night at a member’s home, following the missionary

schedule. Then they came to the church where all of the missionaries

were waiting. I had to hand out these little pieces of paper that had

places they could go tract, and I couldn’t tell the missionaries apart

from the youth! I had to get them all to raise their hands haha.

Anyways then we had a meeting with President Hultom from the stake

presidency and President Lowe from the mission presidency spoke also.

They gave some great talks. Then we headed out! So, some of the youth

that had signed up to go didn’t show up, or had things come up, so

they had to switch things up a little bit. I got paired up with Zach

from the Hamilton ward, which is like way out in the boonies. I also

got paired up with Elder Shelley, so it was more like we were just on

an exchange with a priest. We went out into our area, tracted a little

bit, and then headed off to check up on some potentials. We knocked on

one guy’s door thinking we were going to speak to Mahmud or something

but Jesse actually answered and we were able to have a short lesson

with him and his wife Katherine! We taught them at their doorstep and

are going to go back and see them this week. We also accidentally

tracted into the Jones’, an older couple in our ward that I forgot

lived in that complex. SO, we did a member lesson with them and gave

Zach the opportunity to teach two lessons that day. He was a little

shy, but did a great job when teaching. We headed back and ate some

pizza, and the youth did a testimony meeting afterwards, it was really

That Sunday, Bishop invited some of the youth in the ward that had

participated in the activity to come up and bear their testimony about

it. One kid, Sam, said that the activity had changed his mind about

going on a mission. He said that he used to think missionary work was

scary and wouldn’t be fun, but when he had the chance to go out and do

it, he really enjoyed it. He said that it brought a lot of joy knowing

that he was helping to change someone’s life. He went out with one of

my buddies, Elder King, and they went and were able to teach Ray,

Tommy’s dad! They invited him to baptism several times, but in typical

Ray fashion he dodged the question without realizing it. We’ll get him

one day!! I was really glad that at least one kid was changed from

this activity.
Last week as we were approaching transfers, Elder Holdaway brought up

this place in Midddleburg, a small town about thirty minutes from our

place, that he heard was a good restaurant. So we set out to go to

lunch at the Red Fox Inn. He said it might be a little on the pricy

side, but we said what the heck and went. We show up, and this place

is like a super fancy restaurant. But it was too late, we had drove

all this way, and were starving, so we headed in. What came about was

a delicious dining experience, but a hard hit to the pocketbooks.

Lunch ended up costing like twenty five bucks hahaha. But, it was

super cool and we got to check out the town of Middleburg so hey, no

regrets. I’ll include some pictures.
The big thing this week: transfers. I’m staying in Tall Cedars. I love

this ward and I’m glad they’re keeping me around. But, my buddy Elder

Stenquist headed out. I was bummed to see him go. We went around and

said goodbye to some members on Wednesday. My new companion is Elder

Bigelow! He is from my MTC group. He’s from Pleasant Grove, UT. He’s

super funny, I’m glad that we’re companions. I took him around and had

him meet the members, we’re super excited to get to work.
Well, gotta save some stuff for next week’s email. Elder Bigelow and I

are about to GO IN on Tall Cedars. They’ll never see it coming. Love

you all. Keep it real. The church is true!
-Elder Evans 



Another week as a Missionary!

~KEEP MOVIN ON UPP TO THE SKKYYY~ Hello everyone how was your week. I
hope it was well. Pretty fun stuff this time around. We’re prepping

for that missionary conference big time, so that was some of the

stuff we did:
On Wednesday we went over to Brother Batty’s for a mission prep class

thing. He’s the Young Men’s president. So he showed the boys how to

make an easy mission meal, tuna casserole. Although I don’t think I’ve

ever made anything close to that out here. He should’ve just had them

cook up some ramen or something. Realistic is what we want. Anyways we

had a good time talking with them and then we watched Two Brothers.

It’s a church video series that highlights the lives of two brothers

before and on their missions. Pretty cool if you get the chance to see

it, I bet it’s online somewhere. Then we were able to bear testimony

to these youth of how the mission has really changed us, and how it’s

helped us out a lot. I think some of them are starting to think about

missions, which is a good thing.
We did some more service this week. We did a district service project

over at the Juneau’s in the Brambleton ward. We picked up a lot of

sticks and pulled some weeds and ate some pizza. Brother Juneau is

super funny so we had a good time. On Saturday we were recruited by

Chip, the guy we helped with his entire lawn, to help out one of his

buddies with his lawn. These are like full scale lawn renewals. His

name was Liu. He is Vietnamese. We get there an it starts SNOWING. I

wasn’t wearing a winter outfit so it got chilly real fast. It stopped

after a minute, but it was still super cold and windy. We aerated his

whole lawn and then his NEIGHBOR’S lawn, then redid his garden/bush

thing and mulched them. We had some really good Vietnamese pho

(pronounced fuh for you uncultured swine) ((Kidding)) and yeah it was

really good. Then we seeded and composted his entire yard. It took a

long time. I got a jacket by this point so we were all good.

Afterwards we went over to Chip’s home for a huge dinner. Steak,

twice-baked potatoes, salad, the whole nine yards. SUPER good. He also

went to Costco and hooked it up fat. (That means big time 🐽)

((KIDDING again jeesh)) So let’s just say we didn’t need to pick up a

whole lotta things on Monday. Seriously though this guy isn’t even a

member and he’s hooking the Elders up. Ha.
On Sunday we were able to help out the Laurels in the ward with

practice teaching the restoration lesson. They did a super good job.

And it sounds like most of them have found friends that they can teach

this weekend. Sweet! It’s going to make it a lot easier for them if

they just buck up and do it, or else they’re going to be tracting.

Their choice haha. That evening we went and visited Brother Smith and

his family. He wasn’t at church so we wanted to check up on him. Their

whole family is super awesome. He’s from the same town in Idaho as

Elder Stenquist, so they go on and on about podunk Idaho Falls.

(Kidding haha) It’s pretty funny and we always have a great time over

Well I’m excited about this missionary conference this weekend. It

should bring in a lot more people to our teaching pools, and help

these youth out with mission prep. I’m excited for them. OH YEAH so

Elder Holdaway got this bulut (I’m not sure if it’s spelled like that,

oh well) stuff and we ate some. It’s that Filipino half egg half

undeveloped duck embryo thing that people always throw up after

eating. Pretty gross. He demolished the whole thing and Elder

Stenquist almost threw up after watching haha. So me and Elder Snow

tried some and it is not that bueno. Ha I was able to eat some of the

egg part but would not go near the duck thing. I nibbled a little bit

of it but Elder Holdaway took that thing down ha. Have fun this week

people. Hey, reread a conference talk. HOMEWORK!! Ha. Love you all.

Keep it real. The church is true!
-Elder Evans