Hello people of different places! I’m back with an update! Somehighlights from this week: We found this really good Chinese place in

our area called Wong Kok that we’ve ate at a couple times, GOOD EATS.

We’ve found a new investigator!!! We’ve also had a lot of fun. Details

On Tuesday we had our district meeting. Elder Stenquist decided to do

something that one of my last district leaders did. It’s from a book

called “how to become a consecrated missionary” or something like

that. Anyways, it tells you to do a couple things to try to get an

answer to something you’ve been thinking about through the Book of

Mormon. You start out with your question. It shouldn’t be too broad or

too vague. Also should be gospel related, probably. Write this

question down. Then you pray and ask God to help you out, that you’re

trying to get an answer through the BoM and that you’d like help.

Afterwards you just start reading. You can pick a random chapter or

one of your favorites, doesn’t really matter. After you think you’ve

got something, you write it down. After, pray again and tell God that

you’re going to do it again, and make sure to ask him to really point

something out if you need it. Read again, and look really hard to make

sure you aren’t missing anything. Seek out your answer. Write anything

else down that you feel obliged to. When you’re done, pray again and

ask if the things you’ve come to know are true. I really enjoyed this

activity. My question was simple: How can I come closer to God? I flip

to a random chapter in Mosiah, right to the story of when Abinadi is

telling the priests to get their act together. That whole story was

sort of an answer. It was telling me to not to be like these chumps

and be a true tool in the Lord’s hands. Then when I went back to look

again, I found Mosiah 12:33 “… I know if you keep the commandments

of God ye shall be saved.” Boom. A simple answer for a simple mind.

Ha. Later that night we went and played basketball with our ward. Fun

On Wednesday all four of us went over and had dinner at our Bishop’s

home. It was super fun and as usual, delicious food. We always have a

blast over there. We reiterated what we had done for Missionary Monday

at Seminary to their family, which was family history. Our family

history “party” was on Wednesday (more on that later) so we were

really trying to drive it home. Afterwards, I went on a split with

Elder Snow. Reliving the glory days! We got to go and check on some

people, and it was a ton of fun working with him again.
Thursday we had the Family History Party! Not really a party but we

call it that. Oh well, still a ton of fun. We had a pretty good

turnout! Obviously not everyone in the ward showed up, but we still

had a lot of people that weren’t involved in family history that are

now! Elder Stenquist and I had a great time looking up more people. We

got to share some experiences we had also. All around good experience.
We went and visited Tony again. I think I had emailed earlier about

going over there and having to sit through like a twenty minute

prayer, right? I think so. Anyways it was his daughter Lisa’s 16th

birthday party so we dropped in to say hello and have some cake. We

had a good conversation with him about missionary work. He said

although he doesn’t want to come to our church, he admires us for what

we do for our God and wants to be like us. He’s a super awesome guy

that we’re going to go see more. Good cake too!
On Sunday we went with our Bishop to a baptism in a previous area for

some people that Elder Stenquist had taught. SIX PEOPLE GOT BAPTIZED!

It was a man and his niece and all her kids! Exciting! Eric, the dude

that was first contacted, was the first to be baptized. Man that was a

cool thing to see. He was so grateful that after he was dunked, he

stood in the font for like five minutes just crying and hugging the

man who baptized him. The Spirit was so strong. Afterwards, he hugged

just about every single person who showed up to the baptism. Really

cool thing to see.
Also on Sunday, we went and presented the “Come Follow Me” missionary

conference to the youth. Not sure if I’ve emailed about it but it’s

where the priests and laurels in the Ashburn stake are assigned a

companion their age and then they go through some missionary training.

The next day both of them go out with a full time missionary to go and

teach some of their friends who they have previously set up

appointments with. Pretty cool! We were really glad to come and talk

directly to the youth, and tell them how excited we were about this

program. I shared an experience about a kid we went out with while I

was in Vint Hill. There was a kid in the Gainesville ward that used to

come on splits with us, his name is Jake. Jake was always happy to

come with us, whether we were tracting or teaching lessons or

whatever, he was stoked. It was so cool to see him progress from the

first time we went out with him to right before I left. He was just

like another missionary! Just without the tag ha. He was doing door

approaches like a pro and would hand out just as many BoM’s as a real

missionary. He recently got his mission call to Washington, and sent

me a message saying how we was thankful for that opportunity he had to

go out with us. I bore testimony to these youth that experiences like

that can help a person so much with missionary work and that they

should grab hold of this program with full fellowship. (Cool

Experience Part 2: Jake used to be in my grandparent’s ward in South

Carolina, and when he went back to visit last week he got to talk to

them about going out with us!)
For Missionary Monday we went and followed up with the “Come Follow

Me” thing. We answered some questions and shared some scriptures. We

taught about how when Jesus told the apostles, “Come follow me, and I

will make you fishers of men.” When he told them this, they

immediately dropped their nets and went with him. Those men had so

much faith!
After we went to Top Golf! Super fun! We then went and got some

ChickFilA and then went and played ball with some other guys. Good

P-Day. Oh and we went and met (as he’s called in our area book) Brian

Video Game Guy. (WOOHOO) He’s sick and we taught a short Plan of

Salvation lesson last night. He was happy we shared it and invited us

back next week. Sweet. Well thanks for everyone being everyone. Um

have a good week. Love you all. Keep it real. The church is true!
-Elder Evans

Also, Happy Birthday Aunt Delores!!


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