Hello from the snow

As you’ve heard, like 2-4 feet of snow. Pretty sick. Too bad I didn’tbring my snowboard out here, could of put it too good use. Also, I got

transferred! Long story: The AP’s were serving in Braddock YSA ward.

They wanted to be moved into Fort Belvoir, so they could make it the

“model area” for the mission. Since I came into the area the same time

as the other two guys, and since Elder Koloti had already served there

one transfer, we were decided as the companionship they would replace.

I guess it isn’t such a long story after all. Anyways, I got

transferred into the Tall Cedars ward. Super sick! I am now companions

with Elder Stenquist!! He is a super cool guy from Idaho Falls, ID and

he’s been out sixteen months. He played baseball out there. He is the

District Leader, and I am the District Leader Companion AKA District

Monkey. haha. We live in a townhouse with another set of Elders. They

are the Zone Leaders. Elder Holdaway and….. ELDER SNOW!! I’m back

with Elder Snow! I am so excited! We’ve already had a ton of fun, I

can’t wait to see what else is in store.
So yeah you’ve heard about the snow. We got pounded with like 3 feet!

I’ve only seen this area without snow for the first day I was here,

Thursday. On Friday it started snowing, and the rest is history. We

spent the rest of the time on Friday cleaning and unpacking. From then

on we’ve been putting in work just helping people dig out there cars,

driveways, sidewalks, dogs (kidding), and other stuff. This nice

Vietnamese lady we helped had us come back over for some homemade

pizza. It was super bomb!! She used to own a pizza place and makes

some super good pizza. She said she made it for the Redskins a lot.

The Redskins are sponsored by Papa Johns, but she said that when they

wanted good pizza, they came to her place. Ha! So we had some fun

there and with some other people that we helped out.
Today was the day that our driveway and road finally got cleared, so

we left immediately and headed to Wal-Mart. We’ve been living off of

pizza and Pop Tarts for like four days straight. We’ve literally had

pizza for almost every meal. So we got some much needed supplies from

wally world.
Before we got dug out, we were wading through several FEET of snow due

to the snow drifts. Like up to my waist. I’m 6′ 4″. Get the picture?

(If you don’t, I’ll send some.) We walked to the church through snow

like that just to get wifi to sync up our area book, and to play a

little ball.
OH cool story. So we were shoveling out our driveway the other day,

and we had a HUGE pile of fresh pow pow sitting next to our driveway.

We were jumping in and having fun when I had an idea. We have a door

on our second floor that leads to nothing, but you can still open it.

It’s meant for a deck, but since we don’t have one it just has a small

gate. We ended up jumping out of the kitchen into this pile of snow

for fun. I’ll have Sarah post it on Insta so everyone can see it. Tons

of fun.
OH super crazy story. So we go to this single lady’s house to help her

shovel. She’s a member, Sister Morgan. Her son comes home with his

friends to also help. He is going to BYU-I, so I ask him if he knows

my cousin, Brad. He says he doesn’t, but his friend Grant asks if he

if from Nevada. I say yes, and we figure out we both know Brad!!

Apparently this kid went to EFY with Brad like three years ago, the

same time I went with Elder Bell. SUPER CRAZY!! He sent Brad a

snapchat with me in it haha.
Nothing else going on really. It’s starting to melt, but I heard it

might rain/snow again on Thursday so there’s that. Trying hard to work

hard out here, and do what we can to spread God’s Kingdom. Love you

all and thanks for the heads up about the snow, all 3835579 of you.

Love you all. Keep it real. The church is true!
-Elder Evans 



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