Birthday week

Had a good week this week! I went on an exchange with one of our zoneleaders, Elder Peterson. We had a great time. He’s previously served

in Fort Belvoir, so it was cool for him to ‘relive the glory days’

haha. We went around contacting all the referrals we had received the

last week and we ended up finding a girl named Myra who was

interested! We’re going to begin working with her more. Then we had a

finding fest that evening. That’s where we focus all of our energy on

tracting or trying to find new people to teach. We ended up stopping

by a lady named Peace that we had previously contacted. She invited us

in to chat. We asked her if she knew of anyone that would want to be

taught and she was like “you can teach me!” We proceeded to teach her

the first lesson, The Restoration. She really enjoyed it! (Last night,

we went back and taught her the Plan of Salvation and she accepted a

soft baptismal invite!) When we were almost done with the lesson, her

roommate Frank asked us if we wanted any fufu. (Frank and Peace are

from Ghana, by the way.) Fufu is a African food that is made out of

plantains and is eaten with peanut butter soup. We finished up the

lesson, then had some good fufu! After that we went over to the

Kough’s, recent converts in the ward. I proceeded to beat Brother

Kough in chess! I’m the first Elder to beat him.
We met with Floyd again, we taught him the 10 Commandments and some

others. He really liked that we lived the things we taught. He also

thought it is important to keep the sabbath day holy, because it is an

important day! He came to church this week, and he really liked it! A

missionary from a different ward who recently returned home spoke, and

Floyd really liked it. He only stayed for the first two hours though,

we’re working with him to be more comfortable in priesthood. We’re

going to give him the Gospel Principles book this week during our

lesson so that he can keep up with the lessons even when he isn’t able

to be there. He works every other week.
I got a call this week from Brother McLaughlin from the Vint Hill

ward! He works up in the Fort Belvoir area, and wanted to take us to

lunch! We went to a really good, authentic Mexican restaurant. They

came and made guac right at our table! Also had some real good

I had a great birthday on Sunday, thanks to everyone and their

birthday wishes!! I got some new basketball shoes, which I got to

break in today in a few games. (They worked great. 😎) All the Elders

that live in our apartment and the zone leaders filled our entire room

with balloons! I found out that it took like two hours to blow all of

them up, and that the other elders had to keel them in their closet

for a couple days! Thanks guys! I’m glad I was able to spend it out

here, in the service of my Lord.
Love you all! Have a good week this week, alright? Enjoy the Utah

weather for me, it’s SUPER cold here. It snowed a bit yesterday! But

none stuck, THANK GOODNESS. I’m riding a bike for heaven’s sakes. (Ha,

get it? Because I’m a missionary? Hahaha) Alright love you all! Keep

it real! The church is true!
-Elder Evans



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