Hello Everyone.

It’s a bummer that this season is coming to the end. The holidays are
a great time to be focused on the Savior, which helps us missionaries
out a lot. A lot of awesome stuff happened this week. Oh yeah and got
to teach Primary this week! Missionary life BABBYYY!!

It was so great to see the fam, even though I only left them a few
months ago ha. The boys have already grown so much, it’s crazy. My
Christmas was awesome, I got hooked up with enough treats to last me
to mid February ha. We were able to go over to the Jone’s’ home for
Christmas dinner with the Sister missionaries. We had a great time,
their family is awesome! After, we went over to Salifu and Mabinty’s.
They are a recent convert family from Sierra Leone. They are so cool!
They fed us some MORE FOOD, I was stuffed. We sang some songs and
played some games, all of which I won. (Kidding the Sisters bopped me
in the last one.) Then we won’t over to Elder and Sister Torgersen’s,
they are the senior couple serving in our ward. We had some snacks and
watched the Lion King. It was awesome!

Oh forgot to mention, Christmas Eve the whole mission went to the
Temple Visitor Center and sang in a choir. But, I wasn’t in the choir.
I was doing parking/traffic. It was sweet! They hooked us up with some
reflective vests, walkie-talkies, and some sick light saber plane
guiding stick things. You know those glowing sticks people use to back
up planes and stuff. Well we used those to direct traffic. It was
sweet! Elder Yeager and I started doing a dancing/lightsaber battle
thing, which most people enjoyed. We then enjoyed some delicious
Cinnabon after. Successful night.

What else… Oh yeah JORDAN GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was so awesome!!!1!!
Sunday after church we took the Metro from Franconia all the way to
Vienna, where some Chinese Elders picked us up and took us back to
Vint Hill! It was so good to be back! We got there an hour and a half
before the baptism, so we had to sit around for a while until someone
showed up. All the Elders that taught Jordan were able to make it, it
was sick as rick. Jordan was so pumped. He played a musical number at
his own baptism! The whole thing went awesome. President and Sister
Huntsman were able to attend as well. They ended up giving us a ride
back to our place. I haven’t received the pictures yet, but when I get
them I’ll send em!

Today we helped someone move for a while, then went with Bro. Phelps
to the Army’s airfield for a special tour. He showed us the
Blackhawks! It was so sick! He told us all about them, and a couple
war stories to boot. We had a blast. He even showed us one of the
Blackhawks they use for VIP escorts!

The work is great here, I’m so thankful to be in the best area of the
mission, again. I love life right now and hope everyone is feeling the
same way. Thanks everyone for the Christmas wishes. Love you all. The
church is true!!


CTR 5 Class (Yes I know my hair is long, I’m getting it cut.)


light saber selfie


washington dc temple!!!!


piloting the black hawk!!!!!!!



-Elder Evans


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