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This place is awesome!! Fort Belvoir BABYYY!! So my new companion isElder Koloti, he’s a Tongan from SLC. The kid is freaking sweet! He’s

been out for a year, which is awesome because I’ve never had a

companion that’s been out for more than 3 months. We live with Elder

Severe and Elder Anderson, it’s so freaking cool. Elder Severe is our

District Leader. We’ve already had a couple of crazy game nights. I’m

so excited to be here.
So yeah transfers this week, new comp… What else… When we got to

our new apartment it was trashed. Like seriously beds everywhere, crap

in all the closets, it was a mess. We spent that entire first day just

moving stuff around and making it livable again. We worked on the

kitchen today, we’re going to make this place look great again. Elder

Severe has served in this ward before, and he said it’s easily the

best area in the mission. Only problem, we’re on bikes. I’ll get used

to it haha. The car areas are BLESSED.
So I heard that Fort Belvoir was super ghetto, and it kind of is.

There is a lot of people around here, that’s why we have two sets of

Elders and some Sisters too. Not everyone speaks English. I’d say it’s

like fifty-fifty. My first couple of street contacts in this area were

to people in other languages. I can handle the Hispanics pretty well

with the little Spanish missionary lingo I know, but when they’re

speaking Tagalog or some African language it’s pretty difficult haha.

There is a lot of people around here from Africa. I’m going to try and

learn some more Twi (the Ghanain language) so I can talk to more

people. Quick language lesson: Etesane is hello in Ghanain!
There is so many investigators in this area, we’re going to work hard

and get the work done while we’re here. Pray for us. Love you all,

keep it real, the church is TRUE.
-Elder Evans

Elder Koloti and I ft. His guitar

The Fort posted up at Walmart. Potential Album Cover


My cult following…. What’s up?
Haha Sorry for the late email this week! Had a lot of stuff going on, just thought I should send a short update!
Turns out I’m getting transferred! I’m heading Fort Belvoir! I’m super stoked because I heard this is the ghetto part of the mission, like in the city. I’M SO STOKED!!1! Ha really though I’ve been wanting to get into other parts of the mission. And I think that change is really going to help me out. I’m going to make the best out of the change, and I’m super excited! It kind of sucks leaving just before Christmas, but I’m sure I’ll be able to adjust. This Monday, my buddy Elder Jones got put in Assistant to the President position, so there was a lot of moving going on. It’s strange moving around the mission, getting used to people then all of a sudden getting up and moving! I’ll get used to it.
We met with Jordan this week again, and put him on date for baptism! He’ll be baptized in two weeks, and I’m so excited for him. He was able to go to the Single’s Ward this week, and he loved it! I’m so excited for him and what he’s going to experience!
I went to Return and Report (Repent) again, but this time as a trainer. We were all able to talk about challenges and cool things we’ve experienced while training. It is hard as heck, but teaches you a lot. (Especially when your companion is hard haha) Well after all our meetings we just played basketball for a while, while the other missionaries had to go to more meetings ha. Perks of being a trainer!
Not sure if I talked about it, but I helped out on a goat farm? It was pretty cool, you know hanging out with goats and stuff.
Not sure what else to say. I’ll get back to you guys soon, I promise. As usual, keep it real, THE CHURCH IS TRUE. 

-elder evans

our zone

  putting up someone’s Christmas lights