Another Week In The Life of a Missionary

How’s everybody doing? I hope well. I’m doing great! Just another week

of not a whole lot going on! Haha kidding, but we’re slowing down a

little bit. Kathy got confirmed this Sunday by her son, and I got to

participate. It was really cool exercising my Priesthood power like

that. She’s going to be a strong member, I know it. We’re working with

our other investigators, and we got a kid named Jordan on date for

baptism for the 28th of this month. He’s really flaky and a big goof

kid, so we’re still working with him to make sure he’s 100% committed.

He graduated in 2013, so he’s not much older than us. We’re pretty

sure the only reason he’s met with Elders this long is because he

wants to hang out with us. This is a popular trend that we’ve seen

with our other investigators, but we’d much rather be doing some work

than hanging out with people like that. That’s what the YSA branch is

for hahaha. (Young Single Adults for all of my non-Mormon/athiest

friends haha)
So that’s been going good. My companion and me have been hitting some

rough patches lately, but I’ve been trying to be as loving as possible

so that we’ll get along. He’s said he’d break my nose on more than one

occasion but I’m not really sure what that means???? Haha anyways

(kidding I know what it means) I’m just trying to ease him into

missionary life and make sure the cowboy in him doesn’t take over. I’d

much rather get hit in the face than some of the other Elders out

here… HAHA all I’m saying is some of them probably couldn’t take a

punch (Also not saying I could, just saying I wouldn’t die :-D)
But besides that we’re doing alright! I really want to find us a new

investigator this week, so we’re hitting our area book hard for

potential investigators to contact. We’re also going to tract a lot

this week, something Elder Ross needs more practice with. (That’s

usually when the nose-breaking talk comes out.) Then later in the week

we have an exchange with the Zone Leaders, and I’m really hoping I can

learn some leadership skills, as well as some other things.
Keep it real, the church is true!
(Me at the White House. Sorry, it was bright!)


-Elder Evans


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