hey hey hey

Sorry I’m late! Some crazy stuff going on today! But I’m good!
Stuff going on this week… KATHY’S BAPTISM!!! It was so awesome to

see her finally enter the waters of baptism. We had a great showing

from the ward. There was so many people, we had to move the talks and

stuff to the chapel! It was awesome! And the Opoku family was able to

attend, and they really liked it. Kathy was baptized by her son Mike,

who is a recent convert. It was very touching, and the Spirit was so

strong. If you ever have the chance to attend a convert baptism, I

HIGHLY recommend it. The Spirit is always strong, and it’s amazing to

see how far some of these people come. Kathy 6 weeks ago and Kathy now

are completely different people. Not that she’s changed as a person,

but she is so much happier now. It was an awesome experience.
Our next project we’re working on, (Not really a project, just an

investigator we’re trying really hard to get to church and closer to

the waters of baptism!), is a guy named Norman. Not sure if I’ve

talked about him before, but he’s a 26 year old guy who’s super sweet.

Just like me, he freaking loves video games. Yeah, you could say we

have a lot to talk about. Anyways, we’ve had some great lessons with

him, he just won’t come to church! I don’t know what his problem is,

but every time we invite him, “something comes up.” We’re working very

hard this transfer on getting ALL of our investigators to church, and

Mr.Norman-gonna-be-a-Mormon is numero uno on this list.
Also, Jordan is still on date for the 28th of this month, and we had

our first meeting with him this weekend after a two week hiatus. He

said he’s been thinking about his baptism every day, but why haven’t

we been meeting then?! We’re making really sure that he’s 100%

committed to this, there’s no way we’re baptizing him if he ain’t

ready. Also something else we’re working on is helping our

investigators develop testimonies for themselves, and not just

piggybacking their missionaries.
I’m doing great, the work is good. If anyone wants to hang out after

this, let me know in 22 months. Keep it real, the church is true.
  Kathy, the lady in plaid, and Sister Blosil, as well as every freaking missionary that showed up to the dunking.

-elder evans


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