hey what’s up hello

Hey what’s up hello hahaha
Everything in Vint Hill (my area) is rocking!! I’m having a blast! We

were on a dry streak this last week, and weren’t feeling too hot.

Then, one of our off and on investigators, Jordan, wanted to start

meeting up more. We were able to teach him five times this week,

including this morning! We just barely had a Word of Wisdom lesson,

and it went awesome. He said he would like to be baptized by the end

of this year. And he also wants to finish the BoM by Thanksgiving, his

birthday. He’s a pretty goofy kid, but he finally decided to get

serious about the gospel, which is awesome!
We’re on bikes this week too. The sisters in our zone had to take

their car to the shop because they got hit twice within 24 hours. Both

times in parking lots, so no big deal. But, they asked around, and we

volunteered our car. We thought that the bikes would help us be

noticed better. It helped! The other day, I guy flagged us down and

wanted to talk. He said he used to meet with the missionaries all the

time, and though we were “cool as h*ck.” (Haha the other one). Anyways

we’re going to Bdubs with him tomorrow. Halle-freakin-lujah ha!
We also have had some tracting success. We knocked on this guys house,

his name is Kevin. He is Indian, and is Siihk (it’s a religion). They

believe that the Holy Spirit watches over them, and denotes all things

they’ve done good. We talked about Jesus Christ and how we had a

prophet on the Earth today. He was kind of not interested, but then I

was prompted to talk about missionary work. I mentioned how we are

called to serve for two years, and that we love our church so much

that we set everything aside to serve. He was amazed! He invited us in

for juice! This is the first time I’ve ever been let in from tracting.

We talked a little more about the gospel, and them he invited his wife

in and we set a short, simple prayer. He said we could come back

sometime and have dinner!
We also were able to help out on a farm the other day! We fed some

chickens, and I got to drive the freaking tractor! I’ll send a picture

later. It was so awesome.
We just got done having a nerf war for P-Day, and that was super fun.

Our zone is killer! Got run, a member is taking us to Cafe Rio.
Keep it real, the church is TRUE!!!!
-Elder Evans
Me, Elder Jones, Elder Christensen, and Elder Snow (Heading to tbell)



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