Elder Evans takes on Virginia

“I made it, I’m here in DC! (Actually just Virginia) We left the MTC at

2:30 am on Wednesday, then went straight to the airport. We were on a

small plane on the way from Salt Lake to Minneapolis. Had a layover

there, and we were able to get T-Bell!! Holy cow it had been so long.

That Baja Blast was sweet nectar. I was able to call Mom and say

what’s up, we were actually on the phone for like 30 minutes haha. We

were almost late to the connecting flight, but we made it. Then it was

off to DC!!
When we landed in DC we were greeted by the Huntsman’s at the gate,

and then went and saw the Lincoln Memorial. They sent home a picture,

I heard it was posted on Instagram. After that, we went to the mission

home. It’s a beautiful home out in the woods. We ate Cafe Rio,

apparently that have it out here?? We played some basketball, and then

Pres. Huntsman let me and Elder Flowers got to take out their

longboards!! I was so stoked to be on a board again! After we went to

the hotels where we spent the night.
We woke up and had some bomb breakfast at the hotel. Then we went to a

chapel for a quick meeting and to find out who our companions would

be. My companion is named Elder Snow, and he’s freaking awesome! I’m

so stoked! We get along so well. I got assigned to the Vint Hill ward

in the Manassas zone. The ward is sweet and the bishop is awesome. I’m so thankful that I get to serve in such an awesome area!
The first day we went out tracting almost immediately! I was kind of scared, but I’ve been able to adapt. It is a TON easier when you have the Spirit with you. I’m slowly growing. I’ve had the opportunity to teach several people, and they are all special to me. We tracted into a guy named Tyrone. He works for the Secret Service! We knocked and left, but he yelled for us to come back, we just missed him. We told him about what we do as missionaries, and he said he had a mormon friend. We came back and taught him the entire Restoration! He really liked it and next time he has a day off we’re coming back to teach him more.
We taught another guy named Norman. He is the only investigator in his family, and he is close to being baptized. Another guy named Vyncenzo, he is only available sometimes but loves the missionaries. He always tells us to “keep it real” haha.
We taught a guy named Jordan over breakfast at Chick-fil-a (!!!). It was awesome. We’re teaching him again tomorrow night.
Sorry my email is kind of late today, the first P-Day is always the busiest! We played basketball/dodgeball/football for almost 3 hours! Everyone in my zone is awesome, and Elder Elya and Yeager (from the MTC) were there! It’s awesome seeing familiar faces! Oh and there is a golf course near us, and we’re going next week!! I’m so stoked! Next on the list: Skatepark (haha kidding)
Thank you all for your support and emails! They mean the world to me! The church is true! Love you all!
Oh and here is my new address for letters:
8401 Rosebay Lane Apt. #110 Manassas, VA 20109

-Elder Evans”


Jacobs friends Elder Elya and Elder Yeager and his Mission President and his wife, the Huntsmans    


And…. HE’S OFF!!

Elder Evans entered the Provo Missionary Training Center on September 2, 2015. He has been there for exactly one week today!! He has emailed home and is doing great! (Self Promo: evans.jacob@myldsmail.net EMAIL HIM!!) His P-day is Friday at the MTC, but he’ll only be there for a little less than a week more. Here is the last email he sent home:

I’m doing awesome! I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but now I’m positive that this is where I need to be. I’ve felt the Spirit so strongly here. Karsten and I are in the same zone, so pretty much he rooms just down the hall. I’ve been able to talk to him everyday, and it’s a huge blessing. I know that you’re probably freaking out that I’m gone. Just chill out. I’m doing fine and I’ll write you as much as I can. My P-Days are on Friday in the MTC, so I’ll be able to send and receive emails then. (And if you’d like to send me some snacks, ties, or anything else, I don’t mind ha) I love you all so much. How are the boys doing? Have that had a party celebrating my departure yet? Hahaha I hope not. I think about you guys every day and I hope you are all doing alright. Make sure everyone knows I’m doing fine. I’ll try to send out a newsletter later too. I’m so grateful that I chose to serve and I know that this is the right thing for me to do. Tell Dad that I said thanks for keeping me on the right path. My companion Elder Hudson is cool. We’ve been getting along just fine. I’ve learned so much in these few days. I feel as though I could go out and teach someone right now. It’s amazing.
I’ll try to write you some more later. I love you all. Keep me in your prayers.